Academic Success Center

Welcome to ASC - the academic success center where student success is a priority!

The Academic Success Center (ASC) works in collaboration with academic schools, deans, chairpersons, faculty, and campus-wide academic support programs of the University to provide continuous, quality support for undergraduate students from matriculation to graduation. The Center provides students at Claflin University with opportunities to learn and apply needed skills to achieve in college.


The Academic Success Center leads the overall retention initiatives of the University by maintaining collaborative relations across campus, supporting the instructional objectives of faculty, and advancing the educational retention efforts of the University. The Center is designed to promote and empower the academic, personal, and social development of all students that focus around faculty and student engagement for improving academic success, retention, and graduation.


The Academic Success Center is committed to becoming a national recognized retention center by being a model academic support program promoting undergraduate students’ academic preparation, transition and progress toward graduation. The Center offers a student-friendly environment where students gain knowledge of the fundamental study, social, and technological skills necessary for growth and academic success at Claflin University. ASC strives to promote greater success through improvement in student’ efforts, sense of purpose, scholarship, leadership, responsibility, accountability, personal pride and service to the greater community.


Aligned with the University strategic initiatives, the Academic Success Center goal is to increase student retention, and persistence to graduation with a focus on academic success and achievement through early intervention and systematic tracking of undergraduate students. As an advocate leading the University retention initiatives, the Center’s efforts are driven to:

  • Retain a diverse cohort of students
  • Promote and provide student retention initiatives that supports the University’s goal of 85%
  • Assist students in becoming a more independent, self-confident, and efficient learner.
    Provide faculty resources and support to improve student learning and engagement in and out the classroom
  • Provide a centralized location to promote and support campus-wide retention initiatives
  • Enhance campus-wide partnerships and build advocacy for program initiatives that will contribute to the academic success and persistence of Claflin University students
  • Provide excellent customer service and support to Claflin University students and faculty who use ASC services and programs


The Academic Success Center is committed and values the success of students. In its efforts to improve student persistence, we understand who students are and what they mean to us.

  • ASC treats individuals with respect and dignity
  • ASC demonstrates integrity and honesty in all of its programs and services
  • ASC takes responsibility for its decisions and actions
  • ASC encourages its students to embrace personal responsibility in their academic and social lives
  • ASC is committed to team work in which everyone is valued, treated with respect, and encouraged to contribute personally
  • ASC encourages its staff and students to aspire excellence and high achievement
  • ASC is dedicated to working tireless and countless hours to keep its commitment to its students and university community
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