Visionary Leadership Institute

The Visionary Leadership program's mission and vision.

“Today, as in the past, leadership remains an essential ingredient at all levels of human life. In this time of historic transition, we urgently need leadership that, while constantly and closely attuned to the rapidly changing pulse of human affairs, can project a comprehensive, coherent, and compelling vision of human society, communicate that vision convincingly to the world’s peoples, foster its implementation through cooperative endeavor, and make and follow through on the hard decisions that will inevitably arise. The quality of leadership we engender – globally, nationally, and at the grass-roots level – will determine the kind of world we live in, and the state of the world that future generations will inherit.”
Boutros Bourtro-Ghali, Secretary General, United Nations (January 1992 to December 1996)

“The future belongs to those who give the next generation reason for hope.”
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


The purpose of the Visionary Leadership Institute is to prepare new generations of critical thinkers for visionary, effective and ethical leadership, ready to act as global citizens in addressing the world’s most pressing problems.


The Visionary Leadership Institute will be an internationally recognized center for education, research, and service of globally engaged visionary leaders. In accomplishing this vision, the Institute will be a prominent and important asset to Claflin University and society as a whole.

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