Department of Social Sciences

The Department of Social Sciences is dedicated to preparing our students to become informed, contributing citizens in a world of diverse cultures and opportunities.

Committed to the high standards of a traditional liberal arts education, the department emphasizes reading, writing, analysis, and oral communication skills. The department offers undergraduate majors in Criminal Justice,  Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology and a Master of Science in Criminal Justice. Our courses and programs of study inquire into the human condition and are designed to foster the analytical and theoretical skills necessary to evaluate diverse social relations and contexts critically.

Who Are We?

* Over 90% of our department faculty have doctorates in their respective discipline. 

*They research and publish in a wide variety of areas ranging from international relations to drug addiction and from global affairs to the HIV crisis in India.

*You will find a faculty that enjoys working with students in fulfilling their academic potential. 

*We offer individual attention and provide accessibility and personal support to assist students in meeting their academic potential. 

*We take pride in helping you reach your goals.


Where Can We Take You?

Anywhere and everywhere! The Department teaches how to think critically, to articulate sophisticated ideas verbally and in writing, and how to conduct rigorous and innovative research. 

*First and foremost, we emphasize the intellectual development of our students to cultivate their desire to be visionaries who will make a difference in the world.

*Study after study has shown that a liberal arts education best prepares students to meet the unforeseen demands of our rapidly-changing world. A degree in a social science discipline thus serves as a launching pad for a variety of vocations and professional careers.

*As a graduate of our program, you can go to law school or graduate school, or you can pursue a rewarding career with a government agency, with an international non-governmental organization (NGOs), or in the private sector. 

*A well-rounded education means that your life path is limited only by your imagination.


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For more information on the Department of Social Sciences, please contact:

Dr. Mary D. Williams

Interim Chair of Department of Social Sciences/Associate Professor of Sociology
phone: (803) 535-5484

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