Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  • What are the key methods of contacting someone?

    Call the listed phone number found in the university’s Online Directory and leave a voicemail if the lines are busy please feel free to send an email.

    You can directly search by department/office.

  • What are the criteria for admission to Claflin?


    2.8 unweighted GPA but if you have a 3.0 we will automatically accept you

    SAT: 880+

    ACT: 17+


    2.0 GPA

    Be in good academic standing with previous institution, to have a passing grade of a C to have class credits transferred.


    GPA – 2.8 ON A 4.0 scale

    SAT – 900 min (Critical Reading and Math only)

    ACT – 17

    If you are not applying for a scholarship and will be paying your own tuition and fees, please include as well. 

    1. Financial Documents:
    2. Bank Statement (stamped)
    3. Affidavit of Support (notarized)
    4. Scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Test Systems (IELTS) are required for applicants whose native language is not English.
  • What are the last documents needed for the Office of Admissions?

    The final transcript should be sent in from the high school counselor.  If we have not received your final transcript, get in contact with your high school counselor to send it to Claflin University.

  • What are your secondary/high school course requirements for admission?

    Claflin does not have an explicit number of unit requirements for admission, but we would like applicants to present evidence that they are prepared for college work in the natural sciences, mathematics, social sciences, foreign languages, and humanities. We recommend incoming high school students have taken the following:

    • Four years of English literature and composition
    • Three to four years of mathematics
    • Three to four years of history and social studies
    • Three to four years of ONE foreign language (ancient or modern)
    • Three to four years of laboratory science

    We do accept dual enrollment credits as well; as long as a passing grade of a “C” or higher was earned by the student.

  • Does Claflin accept IB/AP credits?

    Yes. Credit may be granted for nationally or internationally standardized exams, including but not limited to International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement Examinations. 

    Students interested in Advanced Placement credit are responsible for having their IB and AP score reports sent to the Office of Admissions at Claflin and for directing their requests for advanced placement, or placement with credit, to the appropriate department chairperson. 

    Students who score 4 or better on the IB exam(s) and 3 or better on the AP exam(s) will have those courses added to their transcript.

  • Are fee waivers available for first-year applicants?

    Our application is currently free for incoming freshmen and transfer students.

    International application fee is: $65.00 USD.

    International student application waivers are available on a case by case basis.

  • Can I provide updates or corrections to my application after I have submitted it?

    Any additions or corrections to the application must be submitted via email to  

    Please include the student's identifying information: name and high school/secondary school, Claflin ID number if available, gender, and date of birth.

  • What is Claflin’s policy on the submission of supplementary materials (i.e. musical recording, artistic portfolio, etc.)?

    Please visit our 
    School of Humanities & Social Sciences  page for information regarding the submission of these materials.

  • Will my chances for admission be affected if I apply for financial aid?

    Financial Aid website has information for foreign students and students within the U.S.

    Refunds are given out by student accounts.

  • I’ve been accepted what are my next steps?

    Please visit our accepted students page. 

  • How do I access my Claflin email account?

    Once you have submitted your enrollment confirmation fee you will be sent an email by the IT Department and/or Admissions containing all of your login information.

    If you get locked out after logging in, please contact our IT department at:

    (803) 535-5441

  • How can I get more information about Claflin?

    We encourage you to browse our website for lots of helpful information on the admission process, campus life & events, academic life, applying, required standardized exams, financial aid, visiting/touring Claflin, international students, diversity, parents and families, guidance counseling, alumni, frequently asked questions, and more!

  • International students:

    International F-1:

    • International Students are not eligible for Financial Aid;

      (General emails are sent out from Freshman College to all students including International you should disregard information about Financial Aid it is not meant for International F-1

    • Transcripts evaluation;(Claflin University does not provide Transcript Evaluations)

      All international students are required to obtain and provide Claflin University with your evaluated Transcripts. The International Admissions Counselor can provide you with a list if transcript evaluators.

    • Honor’s College Scholarships; (Please don’t send your information directly to Honor’s College your information needs to be reviewed and submitted in a package form
    • General requirements; Please see below-Additional Questions and concerns can be answered by the International admissions Counselor.

    This is a gentle reminder -It is your responsibility to ensure you have sent in all your documents.  Please check your sent emails to determined what documents you sent and what documents still need to be submitted.  

    1. If you have someone else sending in documents for you, it is your responsibility to ensure that they have indeed sent it.  Have them cc’ you in the email which will allow you to resend to me if needed. 

      Please review the below requirements as it relates to General Admission and Honor’s College scholarship package. 

      General Requirements:

      GPA – 2.8 ON A 4.0 scale

      SAT – 900 min (Critical Reading and Math only)

      ACT – 17

      If you are not applying for a scholarship and will be paying your own tuition and fees, please include as well. 

    2. Financial Documents:
    3. Bank Statement (stamped)
    4. Affidavit of Support (notarized)


    • Honors College Requirements: (Please note, that this is a Competitive and Selective process.)
    1. GPA – 3.5 on a 4.0 scale
    2. SAT – 1100 minimum - Score report needed (Critical Reading and Math only)
    3. ACT – 24 
    4. Essay (indicate the Essay option and place your name at the bottom)
    5. Resume
    6. Recommendation forms (3) for Honor’s College
    7. Recommendation letters (3) for General Admission

      Scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Test Systems (IELTS) are required for applicants whose native language is not English.

    • Applicants must be prepared to sponsor themselves. 

    Limited scholarships are available for entering international students from other countries. The I-20 form (Certificate of Eligibility) is not issued until the applicant has received a scholarship or confirmed and submitted proof of income and reasonability for their own tuition and fees.

  • Where can I get my transcript evaluated? (International Students)

    SpanTran Application - Claflin University\

    JS&A - Josef Silny & Associates | 7101 SW 102 Avenue | Miami, FL 33173 | (305) 273-1616


    Mailing Address: For U.S. Postal Service only    customer service 9-1pm            (414) 289-3400

    PO Box 514070 Milwaukee, WI 53203-3470

    USA Courier Address: For courier service only such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. 


    101 W. Pleasant St. Suite 200 Milwaukee, WI 53212-3963 USA

    FIS - Foundation for International Services, Inc.

    505 5th Avenue South, Suite 101 Edmonds, WE 98020 

    (425) 248-2255          fax: (425) 248-2262      9-4pm

    GCE - Global Credential Evaluators

    3515-B Longmire Drive PMB 323 College Station, TX 77845    (800) 707-0970 

    International: (301) 421-4581

    GSA - Global Services Associates, Inc.

    Telephone & Fax 1-310-828-5709         Email:      10am-6pm

    409 North Pacific Coast Highway, #393 Redondo Beach, CA 90277, USA

    Rated 5 

    Validential Corp.                                949-333-3255

    3334 East Coast Hwy #315         

    Corona Del Mar CA 92625         

    WES – World Education Services – 212-966-6311 Fax 212-739-6100

    WES Reference No. 

    World Education Services

    Attention: Documentation Center

    P.O. Box 5087 Bowling Green Station New York, NY 10274-5087 USA

    WES Reference No.

    World Education Services

    Attention: Documentation Center 

    64 Beaver St. #146 New York, NY 10004 USA

  • My native language is not English. Do I have to take an English proficiency exam?

    To be considered for admission to Claflin University, you must be comfortable with rapid and idiomatic spoken English. There are several different ways to demonstrate that you are proficient in English on your application.

    1. Your home language is English.
    2. Your primary language of instruction at school has been English for the duration of your secondary school career.
    3. Take the SAT or ACT 

      If you do not, you will need to take one of the following English Language Proficiency exams.

    4. TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). Please visit for more information on this examination. The highly competitive and prestigious universities often require a 100 or higher score on the TOEFL. While other colleges and universities require TOEFL scores in the range of 60 all the way to the 80-90..
    5. IELTS (International English Language Testing System). Please visit for more information on this examination. A minimum score of 6.5 is necessary for admission to Claflin University. Your score must be reported directly to Claflin University Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions.
  • Does Claflin accept Dual Enrollment classes?

    Yes. Once those courses are finished, have the Technical College send the transcript to Claflin University’s Office of Admissions.
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