'Powerwomen in Politics': You can get involved too

Oct 02, 2019


Representatives from five presidential campaigns were the panel for "Powerwomen in Politics." (Panther photo by Denisha Wade)


Claflin University’s NAACP chapter brought “Powerwomen in Politics” to the campus on Sept. 24.

The event featured African American women in leadership roles in presidential campaigns. Through their experiences, the goal was to inform students about the importance of politics and why African Americans should get involved.

NAACP President Terin Tyson opened with the first question, “Why politics?”

“I always thought judges and politicians were the two most powerful people in the world,” said Symone Sanders, senior adviser for former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign. “It dawned on me that the people that put the messages together didn’t look like me. They weren’t young, they weren’t women, they weren’t black, they weren’t bald. … I wanted to be the one to put the messages together, and that is what interested me the most.”

A senior psychology and criminal justice major, Zaniya, asked, “For those of us who have never been interested in politics, where do we begin to educate ourselves?”

A majority of the women on the panel stated “volunteering” was the biggest thing you could do to help yourself understand politics.

Christale Spain, S.C. director of the Sen. Corey Booker campaign, said, “Do not be afraid by volunteering or turned off by it. The rewards can be endless.”

“What does it take to be a boss? What is the work ethic and mindset you need to get to where you ladies are at right now?” asked Kameryn Frazier, a sophomore African American studies major.

Sanders answered: “The one thing that it really takes is sisterhood. It takes a comradery. Campaigns come and go, candidates come and go, but what does not change is the fact that there is work that needs to be done. We cannot let that fact that we are on different teams affect how we treat one another.”

Spain chimed in, “You have to work hard. You can show up and look nice and that’s great but what do you know how to do? And if you don’t know how to do anything can you at least be on time and can you at least follow instructions? Being reliable, showing up, doing the work and just build your team!”

Other women on the panel were:

Jalisa Washington-Price with the Sen. Kamala Harris campaign.

Lauren Harper with former Congressman Beto O’Rourke’s campaign.

Alycia Albergottie with Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s campaign.

Jessica Bright with Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign.


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