A new player for Hilltop High hoops

Jan 08, 2019


He starts his day very early at 4:30. He gets up and gets ready for basketball practice.

He has practice from 5 to 7:40 a.m. Afterward he goes to the cafeteria and eats breakfast. He then goes back to his room, showers and gets ready for his 9 o’clock class.

After class, he hangs out around campus until lunchtime. Once the cafeteria has opened at 10:30 a.m., he grabs lunch.

He has weight room at 3 p.m. for 40 minutes and afterward has study hall for an hour or two. Then it’s back to his room. He sits back and relaxes after his long day.

This is the day-to-day life of Claflin University’s newest member of the men’s basketball team, junior Romero Hill.

Hill is one of the many new players on Claflin’s team for this year.

He grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. He said life there is rough, but the people are really friendly and cool.

Hill started playing basketball at an early age. He was 4.

He always loved playing basketball and that is what brought him to Claflin University.

While he was playing for his old school, Cleveland State Community College, he caught the attention of Claflin coach Ricky Jackson.

Jackson invited Hill to take a visit at Claflin. When Hill met Jackson, they made a good connection.

When he visited Claflin, he felt a good vibe from the place. That resulted in his decision to attend Claflin and play for the men’s basketball team. 

Since Hill arrived, he has been getting along very well with his new teammates and has been playing well. He has even made some very strong friendships with teammates such as Jaimik Moore, a junior.

When asked about Hill, Moore said, “That’s my brother. He is a down-to-earth kid, outgoing and I know he got my back if I need him.”

Hill has even impressed senior player Jordan Jones.

Jones said Hill is “a hard-working go-getter that won’t let anyone or anything stop him from achieving greatness.”

Sophomore Trent Rolle said Hill is “a hard-working person that loves to compete.”

As far as the basketball season goes, Hill believes the team will go all the way and win the conference championship despite a rocky start to the season with road losses.

For the future, Romero is going to finish his time at Claflin and afterward go back home to Memphis and focus on running his small trucking business. 



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