A safer route in the Orangeburg area

Apr 18, 2018

2018 PANTHER claflin dps officer

Shakalia Haigler, a public safety
officer at Claflin University.


Orangeburg is known for having bad crime from the past to the present. Areas within Orangeburg are known to have heavy gang activity, drug users and killers. With S.C. State and Claflin universities being right in the middle of it all, students must worry about their safety at all times.

A student from S.C. State doesn’t really go out much because she knows what can come about when going to late-night functions and activities. But when she does, she knows the right path and steps to take in order for her and her friends to be safe.

Jenee Jamison, a graduating senior, said, “I’ve heard many stories about how they snatch girls like me up late at night and I will never be one of those girls.”

Jenee said that when she goes out, she makes sure she leaves with a pair of people.

“Even when just going to my car late at nights, I stay on the phone or would want someone to walk with me at least halfway. People are crazy down here and it doesn’t take much to get robbed or hurt in the Burg.”

She then talked about the party scene.

“When I go to parties, I pour my own drinks. People can be funny some time and want you to make a fool of yourself after they slip something in your drink.”

Jenee said she stays away from dark areas because people like to hide out and catch you alone.  

“It’s always safety first when it comes to the students,” said Shakalia Haigler, a public safety officer at Claflin University.

“Orangeburg is a bad place. I myself can’t make this up,” she said. “I’ve seen and heard a lot of bad stories about what has happened to some of the students in the past.”

Haigler gave tips like not staying out too late at night, always carrying something on you. You never know who’s out there to get you or harm you. Take main roads and be aware of your surroundings. All these tips will keep you safe when in the Orangeburg area.

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