Be careful what you say, communications educator says

Oct 14, 2019


Dr. Arlecia Simmons speaks on Sept. 25. (Panther photo by Denisha Wade)


“Our words matter,” Dr. Arlecia Simmons, an assistant mass communications professor at Claflin University, said during a public discussion on dialogue and powerful words.

The event took place on Claflin’s campus in the Grace T. Kennedy Auditorium on Sept. 25.  

Many people don’t know their words tend to have so much power behind them, Simmons said. Words hold so much weight and what you say can affect someone positively or negatively.

Simmons said “tone” plays a huge part in communication today and how people perceive things.

“Whether we are speaking, whether we are writing, tone is always a part of it. Some of you may have heard from your parents or grandparents, ‘It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.’ They’re talking about the tone of the situation,” Simmons said.

Simmons addressed etiquette rules for communicating online via social media or even email.

 “To avoid misunderstandings, read your message out loud before hitting send. If it sounds harsh to you, it will sound harsh to the reader. Also, for best results, avoid (being) unequivocally negative.”

Simmons explained how people should be careful with what we say. Words can be tricky, and people can get easily offended if not addressed correctly. “Our words matter.”

“We have to be mindful of our words here because what we do here, what we say here, and how we act here is going to translate and it’s going to transfer with us when we leave here,” Simmons said.


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