Biden going forward but nation showing democracy cracks, Sellers says

Nov 24, 2021

 Bakari Sellers spoke with Panther reporters remotely while awaiting a court date in his role as attorney.

Economically and politically our country is going in the right direction, but culturally and socially it is moving backwards, a CNN political analyst said.

Author, attorney and leading Democratic Party figure Bakari Sellers spoke with Panther reporters on Nov. 16 to discuss the Biden administration, the current state of the nation and his predictions for 2022.

“I look at this in two different aspects. The first is from just a purely political perspective and all the economic dividers. Are we going in the right direction? The answer’s yes,” the 37-year-old Denmark native said.  “You just had the largest investment in infrastructure since FDR, which would put people to work and improve our roads and bridges.

“I would say culturally and socially, we’re going backwards. And some would say, why is that? Well, I think that racism and bigotry and xenophobia and anti-Semitism are at a fever pitch,” Sellers said.

Sellers said the country is showing cracks in democracy, citing the Jan 6. attack on the U.S. Capitol and the Charlottesville, Va., incident. He said the country needs “a bigger unifying voice ... because right now our country is pulling apart.”

Opinion polls are not accurately reflective of the work the Biden administration is doing, Sellers said.

“I think the approval ratings going in the wrong direction were not a result of his policies, but instead a result of failure to pass his policies, which are two different things,” Sellers said.

President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Plan has a 68% approval rating, “so it’s not an issue of whether or not people approve his plans. It’s whether or not those plans actually ever get put in action.”

Sellers said COVID-19 mandates on vaccines are necessary.

“Mandates work. If you want to see people get vaccinated, mandate. I think mask mandates need to dissipate more and I think you’re starting to see them dissipate because individuals are now starting to get their boosters.”

Sellers said young voters should rise to the forefront in today’s political climate. “I don’t like people to say that you’re the leaders of tomorrow. I think you’re the leaders right now.”

“And so, what I want you guys to do is to be a part of the process. I want you to hold your elected officials accountable. I want you to raise your voices,” Sellers said.








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