Biden has support on campus, Buttigieg not so much

Feb 17, 2020

Bradley Harris, former Panther editor and now government reporter for The Times and Democrat, interviews Joe Biden during a visit to Orangeburg in January. (Photo special to The Panther) 


Pete Buttigieg is a Democratic presidential candidate going up against big names like Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden.

Some students at Claflin feel Biden has made such a strong impact on campus already that it will easily knock Buttigieg out of the race.  

As stated in interviews surrounding Buttigieg’s visit to Claflin in January, students appear to lack faith in the young politician.

Eriyana Braswell, a sophomore biology major, said, “I don’t really know him, who is that? I think the sheer fact that I don’t know him says a lot for starters.”

She joked and said her response could be due to the fact that she isn’t into politics but then she got serious and said former Vice President has made a much better name for himself in the African American community.

She then elaborated.

“To be honest, I haven’t really heard about Pete Buttigieg, as opposed to Biden. I have heard Biden’s name all over campus, I have seen his face and his campaign ads. His team even visited Claflin and said they would fund a large amount of money for HBCUs.

“Elizabeth Warren has even made an effort to come down and connect with us over student debt. It just seems like Buttigieg hasn’t really put a lot of effort in my community and he just doesn’t seem as strong as the other Democratic candidates. My vote has been with Biden and will continue to stay there.”

Kameron Pierson, a sophomore business and marketing major, had similar views about the Democratic candidate.

“I haven’t heard too much about this particular candidate. I’ve heard the name here and there but it’s not a name that sticks out to me like Joe Biden. I don’t think Buttigieg has done enough around the African American community. I personally think he just wants the ‘black’ vote. I say this because Joe Biden stated he would help fund HBCUs, and Elizabeth Warren stated that she would try and wipe away student debt, but what is Buttigieg doing? I don’t know, and that’s the problem. Is he even going to do anything? I have seen/ heard about Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden and Buttigieg just doesn’t seem to really be invested in this community. My vote will stand with Joe Biden.”   

Shareef Robinson, a freshman business marketing major, seemed to know a little more about Pete Buttigieg than the other students, but it still wasn’t enough to get Buttigieg a vote.

“Pete Buttigieg seems like a really nice guy, but do I think he will win? No, I don’t think so. To begin with, he is very young compared to the other candidates. I feel like that plays a role. Another thing is, has he made himself known around and in my community? I’m also aware of his lifestyle and there is nothing wrong with it, however I do believe that there will be a large amount of people upset about it. I just don’t think it’s his time to be president right now. I feel like he has absolutely no chance going up against Biden and that’s just how I feel. Biden has my vote.”


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