Homecoming 2018: Big turnout for Silent Party

Nov 17, 2018

(Panther photos of Silent Party by Annchester Williams)


Silent party returned for the third time during Claflin’s homecoming week.

Silent party just started getting popular and not many people are familiar with it, but that is changing. The concept of the silent party is everyone getting a pair of headphones, tuning into the radio frequencies through the DJs and rotating through the radio stations to see what music they like the best while dancing on a quiet floor.

The silent party is simply a way for everyone to enjoy themselves while listening to their selected genre of music. It also eliminates problems, since it’s everyone dancing to their own music so it causes no trouble.

The silent party has made great progress every time it’s made its way to Claflin. Although there were a couple technical difficulties with the music shutting off, a headphone shortage and a late start due to the basketball game, all the DJs put in great effort in the music selection to make it a great experience for everyone.

Here are student reactions:

Raymond Johnson, member of the Student Activities Board and Claflin junior said, “I was satisfied with the silent disco, it was a good variety of different genres. If you didn’t like one station, you could’ve switched to another and hopefully you’d like what’s playing. I also think this year’s silent disco was better than last year’s because last year we only had 500 headphones to give out, but this year we had 800. Plus we still had people trying to come in even after we ran out of headphones.”

Ka’Jherik Campbell, Claflin sophomore, said, “I was satisfied with the silent disco. It was a really good experience, I think last night’s silent disco was better than the previous ones because we had a lot more people from different schools come. Although we ran out of headphones last night, it was still better because of the amount of people that showed up.”

Aleah Parker, freshman, said, “My music preference is gospel, hip hop, r&b and old school music, and although they didn’t play gospel, I was still quite satisfied with silent disco. I liked how I got to see all the different groups of people interact with different types of genres of music and, unfortunately since I am a freshman, I didn’t get to participate in last year’s silent disco. But for this being my first experience, I thought it was great and I would love to do it again.”



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