Booker: ‘Give me a chance to fight for all America’

Apr 01, 2019


CNN Presidential Town Hall with Senator Cory Booker moderated by Don Lemon Live from Orangeburg. (CNN Photo)

New Jersey Sen. and Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker’s campaign trail brought him to Orangeburg on March 27 to communicate his platform to South Carolina voters.

He was featured in a CNN Town Hall at Stevenson Auditorium in downtown Orangeburg.  Booker told the audience, “I’m uniquely qualified.”

As voters asked questions, he touched on national issues such as President Donald Trump, race disparities, closing the racial wage gap, gun violence, global warming and the education system.

“Donald Trump wants us to fight us on his terms. It’s the recipe in losing this country,” Booker said.

A voter asked Booker how he plans to continue a mantra of compassion and love during his campaign and presidency.  “You can’t lead the people if you don’t love the people,” Booker said.

Another voter asked, “What are your thoughts on disparate police treatment for people of color and on commuting for marijuana-related offenses?”

“The war on drugs has been a war on people. I plan to reduce sentencing and ultimately do away with marijuana-related felonies – as well as expunge records,” Booker said.

He reminded voters of why he’s a politician. “I am in politics because I was representing low-income communities back in Newark.”

Booker promises to pursue justice for all people.

“In my first year I’m proposing the concept of Baby Bonds. Baby Bonds would allow every child to receive $2,000 at birth in the form of a savings bond. The family’s income determines the rate the bond increases. The household with the lowest income would still leave each child with $50,000 in the bank that can be used toward education, entrepreneurship, home ownership and/or investments,” Booker said.

Another voter asked, “How can we talk about being free when we live in fear of gun violence; what is your plan to ensure our safety?”

“On my block, a young male was gunned down, Booker said. “I think I’m the only presidential candidate witnessing this issue first hand. Hear me when I say I plan to fight the NRA like they’ve never seen before.”

Additionally, Booker said, the country faces a “planetary crisis.”

“If the military takes this serious, leadership should too. I support the Green New Deal and its want to transfer to clean energy. We are going to get a handle on our planet and our public schools.”

Booker believes every community, no matter the zip code, deserves a good public school. He aims for debt-free college, free community college, robust apprenticeships and forgiveness of debt for educators serving in low-income communities such as Newark and Orangeburg.

“To be clear, free education may not be a four-year degree but it’ll be training you to work a skilled profession, financial literacy and ways to establish wealth.”

Booker is confident he can make America favor the Democratic Party. He reminded the audience of where everyone stands and that cities like Orangeburg are to be seen as a land of opportunity rather than oppression.

“Folks, we are about 595 days away from this election. They’re making it harder and harder for African-Americans to vote.  Give me a chance to fight for all of America,” Booker said.


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