Brandon Pope: The VISIONary

May 06, 2022

As he looks at his client through the viewfinder of the camera, Brandon Pope visualizes how to capture the client’s natural essence. Whether it was taking pictures for the yearbook or capturing images on his phone, Brandon always had an eye for photography. Coming to Claflin made his vision even clearer.

“One day during my freshman year in college, I wanted to take my photography to the next level. From there, I bought a camera, and the rest is history,” Pope said.

With a camera in his hand and a vision in his head, Brandon had clients booking in no time. A true creative director, Brandon is always excited to put his creativity to work during shoots.

“Some of my favorite shoots to capture are creative shoots such as birthday pictures, along with professional headshots,” Pope said.

Students book with Capital Brandon Productions for graduation photoshoots, birthday pictures, campaign pictures and headshots. He also shoots organization photos, such as a recent photoshoot for the men of Claflin University’s Call Me MISTER program.

The rising junior is a mass communications major from Aiken. Always looking to enhance his skills as a photographer, Brandon goes to YouTube to learn something new. He then does a test shoot with a friend or plays around with editing software to make sure he can do whatever it is he just learned.

Brandon looks back on his work with a critical eye to see how he can improve and deliver a better finished product.

“My editing process has grown tremendously. There are some pictures that I took before I acquired more skills, and I think to myself, “I don’t even know if I would’ve booked me based off of these.” I was blessed to have a clientele that believed in me,” Pope said.

As a photographer, Brandon likes to make sure that his clients are comfortable. Since Claflin is a small campus, most of the time Brandon is already acquainted with the clients. When a new client books, Brandon makes sure to get to know them and reassures them throughout the whole process.

Brandon ultimately plans to work with celebrities and influencers. His official online launch for Capital Brandon Productions is set for this summer.

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