Broughton wakes up the masses

Jan 27, 2017

Claflin University celebrated the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with a celebration on Thursday, Jan. 12.

The program honoring King’s legacy featured members of Claflin’s Student Government Association, with Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. hosting the event. Assistant Professor of Education Dr. Anthony Broughton spoke about carrying on the King dream.

“Let us be reminded that we are brave, courageous and committed to a dream larger than ourselves.” Broughton said. “There are those whose backs we stand on today that depend upon us to carry forth the torch of freedom.”

Broughton said there are many ways for African-Americans to keep Martin Luther King’s dream alive. But he said too many people are “sleepwalking.”

“While many of us have a dream, too many of us are sleepwalkers, walking around without a sense of purpose, without a sense of pride, without a conviction to manifest the dream that lies within them,” Broughton said.

He closed his sermon by giving students a blueprint to achieving the dream that lies within them.

“Focus on achieving excellence in all that you do so that you can reach the mountaintop like brother King with your eyes on the prize,” Broughton said.

“So when you see the glory, you can look your dream killers in the face with your Claflin University degree in your hand and say, ‘Now then!’”

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