CALA-Bash 2019

Apr 15, 2019

'Live on the Lawn' was moved in the health and wellness center because of inclement weather. (Panther photo by Tasha Skinner)

Entrepreneurs on hand for indoor ‘Live on the Lawn’



Claflin celebrated the 10th annual CALA-Bash festival with some exciting events.

CALA-Bash is Claflin’s Arts & Letters Annual Bash and it’s a week’s worth of performing arts, artistic skills, food, music, vendors and fun activities.

Various vendors, performers, organizations and food stands took their place at the Jonas T. Kennedy Health and Wellness Complex on April 5 for “Claflin Live on the Lawn” from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Originally the stands and performers were supposed to be outside, but due to predicted rain, the events were moved indoors.

Here’s what some vendors had to say on behalf of their tables:

Gabrielle Vogt, Claflin senior and president of Collegiate Curls of Claflin, said, “We are currently brands for a lot of body and they’ve sent us products to give away. What brings us to CALA-Bash is to give away these samples. We want people to try them and love the brand. We just want to get people back into loving their hair and caring about themselves realistically.”

B.U.F.F. Positive (Bold, United, Flourishing, Fellows) founder and president DeAndre Patterson, a Claflin sophomore, said, “We are an organization that builds the confidence of men on campus. We started this organization in February and we’re just now getting on the yard and getting known, so we’re using this opportunity to get put out there and raise money. We hope to accomplish gaining a good amount of funds and the exposure towards our organization.”

Former Claflin student Cameron Luna of The Matriarch Bed and Breakfast said, “We’re specialized in housing of couples, families, celebrations, etc. What's good about them is their tea, food, bed and breakfast and that’s what brings us to CALA-Bash. We plan to spread the cultural spirit to everyone.”

Claflin graduate Dr. Walter Lee of Dr. Walt’s Natural Essentials product company said, “Some of my known products are body butter lip balm and rose water. That’s my line as of now. However my company is still expanding. This is my first year at CALA-Bash as a vendor and what I hope to achieve is not just sales but to make a classroom for those who are unaware of natural products that would help contribute to helping skin care on a natural route and making people aware of the harmful chemicals that we’re putting in our skin that we don’t even know about.”

Wearable Art Runway Exhibition

At Claflin’s 4th Annual Wearable Art Runway Exhibition on April 2 at Arthur Rose Museum, Tabitha Ott, a CU art teacher, exhibits her “Fresh Plastic." Fresh Plastic is what she calls her vibrant, unique and recycled pieces of plastic that she turns into jewelry.

Video by Keiana Joaquin



Claflin student Quadre Chisolm selling his clothing line -- Progression Apparel -- at  at CALA-Bash. (Panther photo by Asaara Hill)



Dessert Company "One Sweet Lady" selling their delicious cakes at CALA-Bash. (Panther photo by Asaara Hill)


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