Claflin lights a homecoming bonfire

Nov 15, 2017
PANTHER 2017 fall homecoming bon fire alexis The bonfire was held at a parking lot near JTK. (Panther photo by Alexis Bookman)

Video by KAYLA CATO:

Claflin University celebrated homecoming with a bonfire and car smash on Nov. 13.

Students gathered around the fire while DJ Rell played music at a parking lot near the Jonas T. Kennedy gym on Monday night. Food and drinks were served.

“This is pretty cool; they should do it more often,” freshman Samone Stuard said. This was her first time at a CU bonfire and she said the event met her expectations.

Stuard also participated in the car smash. She said it was a way to release a lot of energy and anger.

Raymond Johnson, a freshman and SAB representative, worked at the event and considered it a success. “I’m proud of my team and I’m proud of the work that we accomplished today,” he said.

Some upperclassmen compared the event to previous ones held on campus.

“This homecoming was very different,” Meleq Williams, a senior, said. “It started out with a protest and then one of our students died, so we had a cloud over us.”

Jeremy Jamison, a senior political science and philosophy of religion major, also said the recent tragedies affected the students.

“I think it brought us a little closer together,” Jamison said. He attended with a group of friends and said he particularly enjoyed the car smash and the fire.

Amarachi Kalu-Onuma, a freshman computer science major and SAB representative, also enjoyed the event and said it was a fun but exerting activity.

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