Claflin makes changes in student parking

Apr 20, 2022

 Construction on the new student center meant the loss of parking behind High Rise Dormitory. (Special to The T&D)


Claflin has purchased properties for use as parking lots, President Dr. Dwaun J. Warmack said.

The president said in an April 12 news conference with student reporters that 108 parking spaces adjacent to the school were identified. An email announced that two new lots on Magnolia Street would be open as of April 25.

The new parking comes after permanent closure of parking behind High Rise residence hall. That area was closed so that construction could begin on the new student center.

Warmack suggested expansion of the university may require parking changes.

The president said other schools, such as the University of South Carolina and Clemson, have more difficulty with parking.

“They have parking challenges. You have to catch a bus and pay a whole lot more for parking as well,” Warmack said.

“I don’t think we have a parking issue, I just think we’ve been very parking privileged here,” Warmack said.

Parking still remains a concern on campus.

“The two new parking lots seem okay, I just would not prefer to park my car that far over,” sophomore Kylon Watson said.

Watson is a resident of Commons and parked behind High Rise before closure of that area.

“I don’t like that High Rise’s entire parking lot is closed, especially since parking is limited,” Watson said.

Warmack spoke about future parking plans, saying, “Our goal is to build a parking garage one day.”

He noted the project would be very expensive and would require additional funds from students.

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