College students have largest voice,' Grevious says

Nov 15, 2023

Annette D. Grevious, second from left, is a Claflin University professor and an Orangeburg city councilwoman. (Special to The Panther)

As a professor of speech and drama at Claflin University and a member of Orangeburg City Council, Annette D. Grevious has an interest in college students’ involvement in local politics.

Grevious says her unique position allows her “to engage our students more in local government activities.”

She recently claimed the District 4 seat on Orangeburg City Council after winning the Sept. 12 election. District 4 includes Claflin and a portion of South Carolina State University.

Grevious plans to encourage students to use their campus address in order to participate in local elections. “I don't think that they take full advantage of that opportunity," she said.

“You're going to be in the city of Orangeburg for four years. So you have the opportunity to affect change right here in the city that you're going to be residing in for the next four years or more," she said.

Grevious ran on the platform of being a voice, ensuring growth, attracting more businesses and improving the quality of life for Orangeburg citizens.

“Students may complain that there's not a lot to do in the city of Orangeburg, but getting involved in the city government or county government, letting your voice be heard and being an instrument for change is going to affect those things that are happening,” she said.

Grevious says students should attend city council and county council meetings and possibly run for a seat.

“We actually had a student who ran for this seat in 2019. As long as they are residents in the city of Orangeburg, and in that particular district, they could run for a seat on city council,” she said.

For Grevious, doubling as a professor and a city council member is convenient.

“As a city council member on campus, I'm interested in talking to students, getting their opinions, their issues and their concerns that they would like to see city council address,” Grevious said.

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