COMMENTARY/Dealing with depression in college

Mar 28, 2022

Depression is a lot on one’s shoulders. In the year 2020, I was depressed for almost the whole entire year. I lost focus on so many things, and I also did things I wish I hadn’t.

Dealing with depression can make it harder for us to focus and succeed. Going through this makes me want to inform others about how serious this topic is and let them know why it should be taken seriously.

During my depression, I noticed a lot of people that were close to me didn’t even notice what I was going through. So, by my informing readers on this topic, it may help them be aware of problems going on with their family members or peers.

Dealing with depression while also attending college can be a lot for students. Depression can be triggered in many different ways. Studies have been done to figure out why students may be dealing with depression. Approximately 40% of us have experienced the death of a friend or relative. Dealing with grief and bereavement at a young age can be stressful and can cause severe mental issues. This can affect academic success, performance and your life.

At the university, depression can be shown in different ways; it can be physical, mental, insomnia, or even a loss of motivation. It’s important for us to have some form of support whenever dealing with a matter this big.

Although depression is a tough matter to face, it can sometimes have a positive effect on life. It teaches you life lessons, such as balancing grief reactions with moving forward in life and being able to learn from them and grow. But it’s not easy doing it by yourself. Universities like Claflin offer students social support groups and professional help for bereaved students on campus.

We may typically take longer to get through it. On average, 67% of young adult college students have been estimated to experience a traumatic death while in school. We already have a lot of pressure on our shoulders just because of schoolwork and other activities. But having to go through a depression phase can top every other problem we are facing.

It’s not easy trying to accept deaths and trust people enough to open up about what you’re going through, and lastly, be able to move forward. We will typically experience something known as complicated grief, which is the lack of emotional support associated with traumatic events. Support groups can help us get through these tough times. For instance, venting about emotional distress can help students open up and release emotional distress.

Depression can either make you or break you. On average, almost half of us have dealt with some form of depression, whether it’s from stress or grieving. Reaching out and getting social support on campus can help lead students in the right direction.

Jocolbi Morgan is a Claflin freshman human performance major from St. Petersburg, Florida.

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