DRIP4VRR: ‘I’m going to bring that top energy’

Nov 15, 2023



This year's homecoming concert came with a bigger lineup, and DRIP4VRR is one of three student performers set to take the stage.

Gerald Edmunds Jr. is a junior mass communications student who produces music under the stage name “DRIP4VRR.”

The homecoming concert will be his first live performance as a recording artist.

“Going out there, I'm kind of excited. I'll be lying if I said I wasn't nervous” Edmunds said. “They've never heard me do this before.”

Edmunds says opening for NoCap, which is one of his favorite artists, is a big opportunity.

Edmunds said although they may not know him, he hopes that he can get the crowd energized and excited.

“I expect them to rock out with me because I'm going to bring that top energy,” Edmunds said. “I want to be out there getting the crowd involved, making them enjoy the whole performance.”

Edmunds started recording music last August but music has been a part of his life for much longer.

“I've been making music for like my entire life,” Edmunds said.

He performed for his church and started writing music when he was younger. He mentioned Migos, Drake and Lil Wayne as inspirations.

Edmunds feels he has grown since his first release in August 2022, not only musically but also in knowledge of the industry.

“It’s not all about just making a song," Edmunds said. "It's about knowing how to market it and how to get yourself out here.”

He provided a bit of advice for those who may be just starting or are hesitant to get into the music industry in the way they want.

“If you're going to do music, just do it,” Edmunds said. “Be different but also be yourself.”

“Don't ever give up because there are of plenty times where I decided to give up” Edmunds said. “But I'd say 'just keep your head on, keep working.'"

This mentality and work ethic is what got him to where he is now, Edmunds said.

“I'm always working. So like if you see me, if I got my headphones in, I’m working.”

Edmunds dropped a new project titled “Walk Land” on Nov. 10, which can be streamed on all platforms. The project includes three tracks: “Sosa Villain,” which features artist “Yung Pg,” who is also part of the concert lineup.

The other student artist for the concert is R3tr0 Riq.

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