Homecoming 2018: Claflin connection helps land Young Dolph, Key Glock, Jay Fizzle

Nov 05, 2018




A connection with Memphis-Tenn.-based Young Dolph, Key Glock and Jay Fizzle has the artists coming to Orangeburg to perform at the Claflin Homecoming concert on Nov. 13.

“We have a connection with these rappers as one of our very own students, Jaret Gassett, is cousins with Young Dolph and Key Glock,” said Konist Davis-Johnson, academic student activities coordinator and chair of the Homecoming Committee. The relationship between the student and the rappers helped Claflin’s Student Activity Board in landing the famous rappers.

“Without Jaret, there would be no way we would have gotten these guys,” Davis-Johnson said. “This is a great way to open homecoming and celebrate 150 years of Claflin University with such big names. This homecoming will be epic.”

Other homecoming events include the 150th anniversary flag raising, Miss Homecoming crowning and the Gospel Explosion mini concert on Sunday. Monday consists of the midday dorm stroll off at noon, dorm step show at 7 p.m., followed by a bonfire and car smash at 9 p.m. Tuesday is the midday Greek stroll off at 11 a.m. along with the highly anticipated concert at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday’s highlight is the silent party at 7 p.m. and Thursday’s big event is the comedy show featuring some of MTV’s very own Wild N’ Out cast.


High hopes for Homecoming 2018


Claflin University’s 2018 Homecoming is being anticipated as something unlike any before it.

Konist Davis-Johnson, academic student activities coordinator and chair of the Homecoming Committee, says the intention is to make this Homecoming bigger than ever.

“First and foremost, this is Dr. Tisdale and Mrs. Tisdale’s last year. My whole thing has been let’s make it the biggest and the best ever, down to the parade,” Davis-Johnson said.

The Homecoming concert has also been a large source of excitement. It will be featuring Young Dolph, Key Glock and Jay Fizzle. Young Dolph is a Tennessee-based rapper and a relative of a Claflin student.

With the excitement, Davis-Johnson also has safety concerns for the campus, specifically around Orangeburg locals coming to campus for the concert.

“I’m a little afraid. All of you get in with your Homecoming ticket for free. I also have to look at capacity … and security. The ultimate goal is to make sure that y’all are safe. I don’t know if Orangeburg has done this before.”

In light of many recent SGA/SAB events with poor turnout, specifically a recent political forum featuring many Claflin supporters held on the same evening as a movie night, Davis-Johnson wants to see increased student participation in all university-sponsored events, if for no other reason, because students have already paid for them via tuition.

“I want y’all to have a good time and I want y’all to be engaged,” Davis-Johnson said. “There are things outside of the concert and Homecoming that are offered. If you see us outside and we’ve got popcorn and snow cones, you need to get you some popcorn and snow cones, because you’ve paid for it.”

For those who might not be pleased with the lineup for Homecoming or who don’t feel catered to with the nature of the events, there were opportunities to make their preferences known. But very few people took advantage of them.

“That’s where the surveys come in. There are 2,000-plus students. Surveys go out and less than half respond, that was to the last survey. The survey the year before that when everyone was complaining, we had less than 400 people respond to the survey. … You have to come and speak your piece. … If you have ideas, bring them to me.”

Davis-Johnson also hopes for more interaction from international students in Homecoming events and other campus activities.

“I would like to see our international students get more involved and that’s on us to find out things that they like and to participate in things that they like. I hate that one day a year when it’s Global Night that that’s their time to shine. I want to see them in talent shows and whatever we have, I want to see them involved.”


Students look forward to concert


Well-known rappers Key Glock, Jay Fizzle and Young Dolph are headed to Claflin for an epic Homecoming concert.

The “trap” genre is the next big thing with the current generation. Everybody seems to like it and since the artists all fit in that category, the concert is expected to be big with a large crowd.

All of the rappers are from Memphis, Tennessee, and have collaborated at some point on projects. So not only are they familiar with one another, they’ve agreed to come together to make Claflin’s Homecoming a big and memorable event.

Konist Davis-Johnson, academic student activities coordinator and chair of the Homecoming Committee, said landing the artists is big deal for Claflin.

“I think overall last year the students weren’t happy about the concert,” Davis-Johnson said.

Not so this time.

Ka’Jherik Campbell, Claflin sophomore said, “I feel like it is going to be a great experience and it’s what the student body wanted. We wanted somebody that’s relatable to us. … Since everybody knows their music, it should be a really fun experience for everybody.”

Jerell Drummond, Claflin sophomore said, “I like Key Glock and Young Dolph but I don’t really know Jay Fizzle. Although most people probably don’t know who Jay Fizzle is, I still feel like this is going to be a really fun concert.”

Freshman Brionica Stewart said, “I really don’t care for the artists that’s coming to the concert. I think they’re pretty good but that isn’t my main focus. As long as I’m having fun, that’s all that matters.”



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