Inflation will be key issue for voters, Connor says

Nov 01, 2022

Gov. Henry McMaster, left, presents the Order of the Palmetto to Col. Bill Connor during ceremonies at the S.C. Statehouse on July 8, 2021. (Special to The Panther)


Orangeburg attorney and conservative political columnist Bill Connor says Democrats’ focus on the Capitol riot and abortion law will not resonate with voters as much as the GOP focus on the economy.

On Oct. 6, Connor told student journalists at Claflin University that he did not vote for former President Donald Trump during the 2016 GOP primaries but did vote for him in the general election. He does not side with a lot of Trump’s personal ways but he approves of his policy-making.

“Jesus Christ is not on the ballot. You’re never going to have the perfect person,” Connor said of voting for Trump.

Connor said Trump should be allowed to run for the presidency in the 2024 race if he chooses.

“He should be allowed to be a candidate,” Connor said. “If Trump is the nominee, I will vote for him.”

Trump is being investigated for his alleged incitement of the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot, a factor that Connor believes is a focus for Democrats.

“The other side is continuously beating the dead horse, from our standpoint, of Jan. 6,” Connor said.

 Connor said he and other Republicans believe that the violence of the capitol riot was wrong and should be punished.

 Connor also said that the Supreme Court overturning the Roe-vs.-Wade decision that legalized abortion will be another point of focus for the Democrats in the upcoming election.

 “I do understand the Democrats getting a boost in that because a lot of people are passionate,” Connor said.

 Connor said that many people do not understand that the overturn will not outlaw abortion, but it does make it a state issue.

 The reversal of Roe vs. Wade took the focus off of other matters in the country, Connor said.

 “It allowed the focus off of the economy, the focus off of crime, the focus off of immigration,” Connor said.

 Connor said the circulation of money increased during the Biden administration, causing inflation.

 “Since (President Joe) Biden’s been in, it has been willy-nilly, just printing money like there is no tomorrow,” Connor said.

In the news conference, Connor also mentioned immigration, Afghanistan, and the student loan debt forgiveness plan.

●    Connor disapproves of Biden stopping the immigration enforcement at the southern border and says that Biden is not following the law.

●    Connor said that Biden decided to pull soldiers out of Afghanistan at the wrong time, allowing an attack by the Taliban.

●    Connor believes that the student loan forgiveness plan will not pass the courts and says that Biden does not have that power.

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