Lance Reese: A vision beyond acting

Dec 12, 2021

Lance Reese


Lance Reese is a mass communications major at Claflin University. That is set to change with the senior graduating in December.

When he does, he has a set of major goals he wants to achieve in life before he sees himself as satisfied.

The Columbia native has his eyes on many streams of things when he steps out into the career world.

“So first, I want to find my career, then I want to get my own place, I want to use my career to bring me things of passive income. Don’t know what that’ll be for now,” Reese said.

He then wants to reach his personal goals within his life when it comes to health and wellness.

“I want to pursue bodybuilding just to get my body in the best physique ever and just to see my genetic limit. I want to farm and make my own food, find some acting roles, have a family and who knows what God has in store for me, but I know there is a lot of things I want to do, I’m very ambitious,” Reese said.

In terms of his career, Reese wants to become a video editor, photographer and/or camera operator. He began his journey with a vision of acting. That led him to a path of different skills and crafts.

“I’ve been making videos since high school, I’ve always enjoyed it, but I also enjoyed acting, and I wanted to combine it. When I came to Claflin University, I thought they had theater as a major, but it was only offered as a minor.

“The closest thing they have here is mass communications, so I chose it as a degree. I love video editing and I love putting out content and I wanted to become more efficient, so I majored in it. It’s the closest thing to acting,” Reese said.

“I actually was confused about college. I really didn’t know where I wanted to go, I just knew I wanted to go to an HBCU. I really just wanted to go to any HBCU that offered the proper funds and had theater as a major so I could pursue a career in acting,” Reese said..

Reese’s journey is one of many branches and leads that goes to one final goal and destination. That path can lead to many different things that will teach you many different things. It’s a story and road that is still being paved daily as the gravel from the past is still being set behind him.

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