SENIOR PROFILE: Melodious Melonie's life in music

May 10, 2018
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Melonie D. Bryant

Every day she sits in the Claflin University music building’s rehearsal space and picks up her 
flute, pursing her lips against the cold metal and blowing that first breath into the pipe.

She delivers fresh musical notes from the flute’s holes, becoming engaged in something she loves: music.

Her friends don’t even ask about where she is during late evenings anymore. They know she is doing one of three things: rehearsing with the band, leading a flute rehearsal or just practicing her flute.

For Melonie, playing the flute and music in general are not just pastimes. They are her life.

Soon, due to her love for music, she will be receiving her bachelor of arts in music with a concentration in flute from Claflin University. Upon graduation, she will be attending graduate school to get her masters of music in music history and literature.

Throughout her four years, Melonie had to overcome several obstacles as a music major.

“It was a difficult transition because music went from being my hobby to being my career. At times, it still gets difficult, and I have to remind myself why I chose this because it’s really easy to start hating something you love to do. In times like those, I just sit back and listen to music and then I realize that this is what I enjoy doing.”

Melonie also struggled with both the practicality and the studying aspects of being a music major. In addition, she struggled with being an honors student on top of being a music student.

“Being a music major is very practical, meaning that I had to practice my instrument every day. Also I had to study to maintain my honors college scholarship. My issue then, and still my issue, was the practicality of my major and actually studying the books.”

Melonie D. Bryant, who was almost named “Melody” by her music-loving father, was born in Florence but raised in Lake City, a small, close-knit town.

She attended Lake City Elementary School, Ronald E. McNair Middle School and Lake City High School.


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