Naming of SGA presidential winner on hold

Apr 18, 2018

2018 PANTHER sga william fairfax

William Fairfax

The results for the 2018-19 SGA elections have been released -- except for the position of president.

The Panther learned that William Fairfax won the vote for SGA president, but the official list of winners did not include his name. The question of his eligibility is before the Elections Commission.

“I don’t think there is a question about my legitimacy to become SGA president,” Fairfax said. All students went through an extensive process checking eligibility.

The students elected a president, but the committee is withholding the information that the students have already, he said. It has been two days since the results were released.

“As an everyday student, I would be hurt if the person that I chose and put my faith in that I know will do the best job is not allowed to do the job,” Fairfax said.

He said students are being told their vote does not matter.

“In the case of SGA president, I don’t believe that I was the administration’s pick, but I know I was the students’ and that’s the only thing I am here for is the students,” Fairfax said.

“I don’t understand it, and maybe it is not meant for me or us to understand,” Fairfax said. “I just know that the students deserve better than this.”

A Monday email sent by Dr. Leroy Durant, vice president for student development and services, notified all students of the delay in naming a presidential winner.

“The results for most of our 2018 Student Government elections will be released this afternoon by the Elections Commission. However, at this time, the Elections Commission is still working to certify that the candidates for SGA President meet all eligibility requirements. The SGA President election results will be released as soon as all eligibility requirements have been certified by the Elections Commission,” Durant stated.

Other election winners as announced are:

-SGA Vice President: Kayla Hodges

-SGA Chaplain: Cecillia Hackett

-SGA Recording Secretary: Jenei Peterson

-SGA Corresponding Secretary: Erica Scriven

-SGA Business Manager: Paije Sartor

-SAB Business Manager: Raymond Johnson

-Mister Claflin: Eric Favor

-Miss Claflin: Shantavia Edmonds

-Miss Homecoming: Martisha Wright

-SAB President: Victoria Means

-SAB Vice President: Ahmad Ray

-Senior Class President: Shaniya Haynes

-Miss Senior: Kayla Baker

-Mister Senior: Tevin Durham

-Senior Class Senator: Qui’Era Evans

-Senior SAB Representatives: Diamon Caldwell, Ashante Graham, Jamal Devine, Tamera Jones

-Junior Class Vice President: Donald Davis II

-Junior Class Treasurer: Latajah Alford

-Junior Class Senator: Joshua Banks Jr.

-Mister Junior: Resean Lane

-Miss Junior: Mary-Renate Davis

-Junior SAB Representatives: Ikenna Ngwu, Lyric Darcus

-Sophomore Class Vice President, Chandler Love

-Sophomore Class Secretary, Andrea Moyer

-Sophomore Class Treasurer, Brandon Brown

-Sophomore Class Senator, Isaiah Griffin

-Miss Sophomore: Shatira Hawkins

-Mister Sophomore: Jalen Canty

-Sophomore SAB Representatives: Devan Johnson, Wisdom Woods, Djimon Smith, Madison Whetstone

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