Newly elected VP will become SGA president, commission decides

By: Panther Staff
Apr 25, 2018

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The Claflin University Elections Commission announced Wednesday that the recently elected vice president will ascend to the Student Government Association presidency.

Kayla Hodges will become president after a commission review of eligibility requirements for the presidential candidates. The commission announced on April 16 that it was deferring naming a winner in the presidential race until its review was complete.

On Wednesday, an email from the SGA to all Claflin students stated: “The information regarding the eligibility requirements for SGA President has now been reviewed and it has been concluded that the circumstances result in a vacancy in the office of President. In such an instance, the SGA Constitution provides that the newly elected Vice President will automatically assume the office of President.”

The commission congratulated Hodges on her new position and stated that she would now have the authority to name a new vice president.

“The Constitution also allows for Ms. Hodges as SGA President to appoint the Vice President, subject to confirmation by the Senate. Ms. Hodges has expressed her intention to appoint Mr. Matthew Coverson-Springs to serve in the capacity of SGA Vice President,” according to the email.

Installation ceremonies for new officers are to be held Thursday.

Previously, The Panther reported that the winner of the vote count in the presidential race was William Fairfax, who said he does not know why he would be considered unqualified.

“I don’t think there is a question about my legitimacy to become SGA president,” Fairfax said. All students went through an extensive process checking eligibility.

He said students are being told their vote does not matter.

“In the case of SGA president, I don’t believe that I was the administration’s pick, but I know I was the students’ and that’s the only thing I am here for is the students,” Fairfax said.

“I don’t understand it, and maybe it is not meant for me or us to understand,” Fairfax said. “I just know that the students deserve better than this.”


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