R3tr0 Riq talks music and college life

Oct 17, 2023

R3tr0 Riq

As a sophomore business administration major at Claflin University, Tariq Singletary says it is easy to stay in his books and produce quality music.

“It’s such an interesting thing to juggle. I make music whenever I feel like it, really when I'm in the zone. Sometimes I write during class when there’s down time. There’s no set time I designate when it comes to my craft,” he said.

Singletary, better known as “R3tr0 Riq,” started his music career at an early age.

“Around the sixth grade I was in my room with my siblings while they created music and I thought it was horrible. They would not let me help with writing the music, so I decided I’m going to write my own song,” he said.

“At that moment I fell in love.”

Riq’s first album, “Love’s an Illusion,” was released during his sophomore year of high school.

Although he felt like the project was not his best, it showed people that he was serious.

“I may not have been proud of this project, but I can now look back to my growth,” Riq said.

He brought his talents and passion for music to college. He made his campus debut at the freshman talent show during the university’s annual Freshman Week. Riq later performed during homecoming week at the Y2K Party and at Claflin’s CIAA kickoff event.

He also partnered with fellow Claflinite Kylon Watson, better known as Slizzy K. The two collaborated on a single titled “1 Time.”

“Music is a calling in my life,” Riq said.

“This is the one thing I've been super consistent with. I get bored of things very easy,” he said.

Riq exclusively shared with The Panther that new music and visuals are on the way. He is scheduled to perform at the Claflin homecoming concert on Nov. 16.

“To everyone that supports me, it doesn't matter how many times I say thank you, I'll never be able to return the favor. You all literally make my career what it is,” Riq said.

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