Senior profile: The path to an Alpha grad

Dec 10, 2022

Malachi Wright

From freshman year to senior year, the anticipated day to rise as a Claflin graduate has come.

As a graduating art major, Malachi Wright finally finishes his goals while carrying the weight of leadership and brotherhood upon his shoulders.

“Starting back from graduating high school, it was all just a dream. I had to go through a lot of obstacles to graduate high school (most medical reasons), but I was able to graduate with my class and then looked into going to college. After graduating, I took the summer break to look at different colleges, some PWIs (Clemson, USC, Furman, Coker College) but my last stop was at the illustrious Claflin University,” Wright said.

The hard work and dedication since middle school finally pays off as he expresses the difficulties with health problems while finishing his studies.

“I didn’t know a ton about an HBCU expect that it had more Black students lol, but taking a tour of the campus made me feel like I was home. Fast forward to August and I’m walking under the Arch of Confidence in the class of 2018 for college,” Wright said.

Although he is graduating, he remains humble and demonstrates brotherhood and leadership.

“When the spring came around, I looked into joining a fraternity at Claflin -- this was my third time trying -- and I got accepted. The journey to becoming an Alpha was long and tiresome, but by the end of March, I was officially an Alpha man.”

Wright continued, “Of course with Greek letters, popularity increased and what now. I remained humble and didn’t lose myself in the newfound ‘light.’”

As the graduation timer counts down, Malachi prepares himself for a huge milestone in his life surrounded by his friend and family to support him on the rest of his journey.

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