SENIOR PROFILE: Travon Johnson strives for greatness

May 10, 2018

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Travon Johnson

This graduating senior proves himself worthy of getting a degree at Claflin University.

Business administration major/political science minor Travon S. Johnson strives for greatness as he is on his way to earning his bachelor’s degree.

Growing up in Sumter wasn’t always the easiest thing for Travon.

“Life growing up wasn’t perfect, which it won’t be, but it was good, bad and good again. I grew up in a family of people who drank alcohol a little too much. Unfortunately that followed through my household.”

Even though his life wasn’t perfect, he used his past to better his future. To overcome some things, you have to accept those things and move forward.

“I still love my family and would do anything for them. Growing up I cried a lot. Sometimes I’m a very emotional person because of my past experiences, but out of all that, I came out a better young adult. Those parts of my life made me who I am.”

Claflin University wasn’t his first choice for college.

“I actually didn’t know a thing about Claflin until Mr. McFarland came to our school. After procrastinating, I only filled out three applications and was only accepted into two. So Claflin was my last resort.

“When I got here, I had to learn to love this school. Being a senior about to graduate, I can say that I really love Claflin University and I thank God for blessing me to be able to attend the school.”

Claflin has definitely made an impact on Travon’s life.

“My experience at Claflin was everything that I needed … some stuff that happened I wish didn’t happen, but I thank God for every experience I had. Claflin University gave me the ugly, the bad, the nice, the sweet, the nasty and the good. So overall my experience was excellent. Yes, Claflin gave me the HBCU experience and more.”

He’s achieved numerous things that make him and family proud.

“The best achievement was getting the acceptance letter to Claflin University. Some achievements that I have received was a $1,000 scholarship, then my sophomore year I received the life scholarship for $5,000 and kept it for three years.

“The best thing about that was you had to keep a 3.0 or above. So just image how much I had to go through to keep my GPA up. Soon after, I joined Sigma Nu Tau Entrepreneurship Honor Society. I also got an award for being on the dean’s list my senior year. That was a big achievement.”

Travon Johnson was also a part of Claflin’s DREAM Gospel Choir and served as the tenor section leader. He was president of Young Democrats of America.

As his senior year comes to an end, he starts to plan for his future.

“I plan to work with my father back home. My father owns a small business, so I aim to go back and help and work for him. I really want to change my lifestyle as far as eating and get the best out of my body as I possibly can at a young age, with eating right, exercising, enjoying the outdoors a little better and getting exposed to different things beside where I’m comfortable at.”

Travon also wants to pursue a master’s degree later on in his life.

“I want to pursue my masters in human resource and acquire my license in real estate. Then probably through my father acquire my contractor’s license in what he does. I also want to travel for a while and work at the same time. I will pray and try my best to not become complacent where I’m at. Then in the next few years I want to pursue a doctorate in educational administration,” he said.


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