SRC South wins step show ​

Nov 21, 2017
PANTHER 2017 fall dorm step show
SRC South took the title for the second year in a row. (Panther photo by Jasminn Dow)


SRC South defeated all competitors for the second year in a row at the dorm step show on Nov. 15.

The event took place at the Jonas T. Kennedy Center. Students filled half of the gym.

One of the High Rise steppers said he enjoyed competing. “It's all right, I had fun,” Tyler Benjamin said.

Dunton Hall and Kleist Hall also competed.

Students enjoyed the show as a whole and had a good time.

“It felt great to be in the midst of all of that black talent, love and support,” junior Valaya Burke said.

A junior classman thought the show could've been better. There were certain routines that were liked more than others.

“I didn't like how long it took for the show to start,” Destiny Law said. “But I could tell some dorms actually worked really hard.”

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