STUDENT OPINIONS: Who will win the 2020 election and why?

Oct 31, 2020


‘Something has to give’


“I am pretty confident in Joe Biden becoming president in this year’s election,” Claflin English major Anastasia Waring said.

“He will most definitely be receiving my vote,” Waring said, noting that this year in particular has shown a demand for a change in the political system. “From COVID to racial injustices still happening today -- and to top it off, Donald Trump.”

Waring said, “Something has to give.”

“He [Trump] shows no emotion for minorities whatsoever,” Waring said. “It’s honestly sickening.”

The Orangeburg native emphasized a need for people to go out and vote. “For the last 20 years, presidential elections have been decided by two or three votes. Your vote DOES count.”


‘Lesser of two evils’


Democrat Joe Biden is “the lesser of two evils,” Claflin sophomore Roger Hemingway said.

Hemingway is uncertain about the winner of the Nov. 3 presidential election but he is excited to see the number of people voting early.

“Democrats are showing up in big numbers for early voting and we see Trump low in polls,” said Hemingway, who said he will be voting for Biden over President Donald Trump.

“I can’t help but to go back to the last presidential race where I counted him (Trump) out and he ended up winning,” Hemingway said.


Millennials will be voting


Millennials are playing a role in the 2020 election, Lyric Scott said.

“Millennials are getting more involved and going out to vote.” Scott said. “Millennials want a better world not just for them to live in but better for future generations.”

“I will be voting for Biden because he’s a better alternative than Trump and actually has plans to making to go about this pandemic.”


Biden has built coalition


“Joe Biden will win,” sophomore Otiana Thompson of South Carolina said.

The Claflin Politics with Us treasurer believes Biden will win because “he built a coalition of different groups who will help him in his campaign.”

She said Black people, middle-age white people and others want decency restored, and Democrats can do that.

Thompson voted for Biden because she believes he can be “pushed and persuaded to make the changes and policies needed to better her community and other communities.”


Trump ‘not fit at all for office’


“I think Joe will win,” Lauren Tolbert of Tennessee said.

The Claflin sophomore African/African American studies major stressed that America “needs someone that can handle pressing issues.”

“Trump has demonstrated for four years, especially this year, that he is not fit at all for office,” Tolbert said.

Tolbert listed Trump’s handling on COVID-19, not denouncing white supremacy and his reaction to an online debate as examples of controversial actions.

Tolbert voted for Democrat Joe Biden because Trump has “done things that people disagree with not only politically but morally.”


No sure winner


“The election is still anybody’s game,” sophomore Arielle Wiggins of Maryland said.

The history major said it is difficult to say who will win because it all “depends on which president gets the swing states.”

She believes these states are in favor of Trump. “He’ll have a lot more Southern states.”

“I know who I want to win,” Wiggins said. “I will vote for Biden because he doesn’t show disregard toward my identifiers.”

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