Students look for career opportunities

Mar 01, 2017

PANTHER 2017 career fair flyers

Students gathered at Claflin University’s gymnasium on Feb. 16 to speak with future employers.

Claflin hosted the 20th annual CHEC (Community Higher Education Counsel) Career Expo from 9 a.m. to noon. More than 30 companies set up to display their job opportunities from internships to part-time and full-time positions.

“I really enjoyed the different varieties of presentations and job offers,” sophomore Gerell Harvey said.

One of the companies, Georgia-Pacific, tempted students with candy, notepads, car chargers and pens. Once the representatives had the students reeled in, they spread information about internships and entry-level positions.

“We also have positions all over if you aren’t from here,” a company representative said. “We can find a fit for you somewhere.”

With tablets available for play, Verizon Wireless’ display attracted a crowd.

Waffle House enticed students with a “Free Waffle” ticket as well as buttons.

The Fort Mill school system offered candy to get the attention of students.

“Very informational,” sophomore Emily Hill said. “A lot more opportunities for education majors this year.”

But other students did not have the same feelings. Some said there were too many paths for education majors and not many for others.

“It ain’t nothing here for me. I’m a history major,” senior Russia Moore said. “All I see is school district, school district, school district. Go education majors!”

“It was all right. They could have had more for mass communications majors or any major besides education,” sophomore Angel Chedikah said. “But like I said, it was all right.”

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