Students see obligation in knowing about King

Jan 16, 2023

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial: The first memorial to honor an African American individual on the National Mall, it opened to the public in 2011 and features a  30-foot statue of King emerging from boulders. You can also read inspirational quotes made in carvings on the site. 1850 West Basin Drive SW, Washington, DC 20024


On Jan. 16, Claflin University students and others across the country and around the world will celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

But how many students know very much about the civil rights leader slain in 1968?

Brainly, an online learning platform, conducted a survey in 2022 of more than 1,700 U.S. students to see and understand what they really know about Martin Luther King and his legacy. They found that 63% of students failed to answer general questions about King.

“It is our duty as HBCU students to know our history and the pillars in our history,” said Breeze Smith, a sophomore minoring in political science.

Lazarus McCray, a mass communications major, said, “I find it appalling that so little know about such a great man. A man whose contribution to society is why we somewhat are freer now than 60 years ago.”

Why so little knowledge of King?

Amari Walker said, “I blame it not solely on the education system in America but on the parents of students. It’s their responsibility to educate their own as well. I blame us too.”

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