Terry Benjamin: Leaving a mark on the world

Dec 12, 2021

Terry Benjaim


As Terry sits on the brick wall, he contemplates who he is.

He has matriculated through Claflin University for three years now, and is nearing the end of his undergraduate journey.

Terry Benjamin is a junior mass communications major with a concentration in journalism and minor in psychology. He will graduate in 2023.

Asked “Who is Terry Benjamin,” he states, “Terry Benjamin is somebody that wants to accomplish their goals, and make sure their dreams get done … pretty much someone that is very goal-oriented, and has a passion for writing and storytelling.”

After graduation, many of us have another step. Some may go into the Army, some may pursue another average job or use their degree to advance their education.

Terry states, “My plan is to become a journalist, either through freelance or working for a news organization, specifically sports journalism. My passion is talking about sports, and telling stories about sports, so I’m definitely looking forward to the sports journalism route.”

Having a career is an amazing first step after entering the real world, but what will people do during their personal life?

Terry’s answer is “move out, move away from Orangeburg. I’m from Orangeburg, raised in Orangeburg, so the goal is to kinda get out of Orangeburg. That’s been something that -- you know, me and my friends growing up -- we kind of just had that dream of moving out of Orangeburg. So the goal is to move away, maybe from South Carolina.”

Leaving a legacy can be a critical need for many people.

The final question asked was, “What do you plan to accomplish before leaving Earth”?

Terry said, “Just leave a mark on the world. Let people know before I left the Earth that Terry accomplished goals, Terry treated people the right way, he was a good person -- things of that nature. Kind of leave a mark in a good way. So I guess that's probably one thing -- you know, if I do get to live that long, raise great children; raise nice children; so things of that nature. Just leave a good mark on the Earth.”

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