Trey Law: On the run toward music career

Feb 05, 2018

PANTHER 2017 fall profile trey law

Trey Law is a senior at Claflin University. (Mitchell Brown, Panther photo)

Trey Law starts his day off not like a lot of people.

He starts with 100 push-ups.

“When I do push-ups I feel like I am unstoppable and I am ready to attack the day.”

Not a lot of people wake up in the morning and do 100 push-ups.

He always needs an opinion from someone else about what he should wear.

When he goes to class, he likes to wear a pencil on his ear every day. It is his way of feeling studious.

But his true passion is track and field.

“When I’m on the track, all of my problems are forgotten.”

He has been running track since he was 9 years old.

 “I knew I could probably get somewhere with track after my freshman season in high school. I was beating 12th-graders at 15 years old. I knew then that I could make it pretty far with this track thing.”

Since nint grade he worked harder and harder week after week, building endurance and getting faster.

“In high school I was skinny and short. People at school called me Sticks. I didn’t start hitting my growth spurt until my senior year.”

And that’s when the popularity started to set in. His senior year everybody in the Goose Creek area knew who Trey Law was.

He got to Claflin and immediately made an impact on the school track team.

Now in his senior year, this is his last year to do what he loves to do.

“This is my last season running track ever. It’s kind of bittersweet because I’ve been doing it for so long I don’t remember what it feels like to not run track. The ride was fun while it lasted but it is time to go on and find a new passion.

So what is next for Trey Law?

“After Claflin I want to pursue my music career. I have been making music for about three years now and starting to find a new passion for it. Also I will be going to get my masters from Claflin University in the process.”

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