Two sides of the same coin; different views on Biden

Nov 01, 2021

Two sides of the same coin


Democrats and Republicans are notorious for having polar opposite views.

Rep. Gilda Cobb-Hunter, Democrat, and attorney Bill Connor, Republican, are no exception. They have opposite opinions on issues like the current state of politics, COVID-19 and Critical Race Theory.

But they agree on a key matter: Both are concerned about the state of the country and worry about what the future of America will hold for next generations.

Panther reporters heard from Cobb-Hunter first on Oct. 21. The veteran Orangeburg state representative was first elected in 1992, giving her decades of inner experience in politics. She has strong opinions.

“I think we are at a very dangerous time.” Cobb-Hunter said of the current state of politics in America. She elaborated on what she thinks the problems in government are.

“Everyone is in their own corner. ... Facts don’t seem to matter anymore," she said.

She believes current lawmakers are not acting as they should, and they are more concerned with getting re-elected than fixing problems.

Asked about the COVID-19 pandemic, Cobb-Hunter said she is in favor of a vaccine mandate. And to those who do not want to take the vaccine, she said, “It’s fashionable to be ignorant.”

Republican Connor is vaccinated, but he does worry about the vaccination mandate and freedom in the country. He said it makes sense to get vaccinated.

Connor met with Panther reporters on Oct 28. He is a decorated war veteran and attorney in Orangeburg. His views differ from Cobb-Hunter's, but the two are in agreement in some areas.

When both were asked about the hot topic of Critical Race Theory being taught in schools, Cobb-Hunter said, “We must allow the truth of history to be told.”

She believes teaching about how race has affected laws is a positive thing for the country. Cobb-Hunter does not want the children of today to make the same mistakes of yesterday.

When asked the same question, Connor said, “I am not against teaching history.”

He believes the history of slavery, Jim Crow and such needs to be taught, but CRT is too much about Marxism. He says Critical Race Theory says our current government system is wrong.

As to divisions in the country, Connor said, “I am concerned that we do have the extremes.” There is so little standing together now in America.

And one other important point of agreement: Both have a love for America and want the best for the nation’s future.


Differing views on Biden


The right and left are divided on the Biden administration.

Claflin University student reporters met with conservative attorney, columnist and Afghan war veteran Col. Bill Connor, who said of Biden: “I cannot think of any bills I’m very happy with. I just see so much division."

He said Biden fooled a lot of people who voted for him as a moderate by plunging the country into more debt.

“Moderate Republicans feel conned by Biden," Connor said.

Connors' views were more of dissatisfaction, contrasting with the views of Orangeburg Democratic state Rep. Gilda Cobb-Hunter.

“Biden can’t just wave a magic wand and make it happen.” He has near-unanimous GOP opposition, Cobb-Hunter said.

“To get voting rights approved, there needs to be an end to the Senate filibuster altogether or an exception for voting rights legislation,” Cobb-Hunter said. (The filibuster rule in the U.S. Senate effectively means 60 votes are needed to move legislation.)

“Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are blocking Biden’s human infrastructure legislation that includes important elements such as a permanent child tax credit and free community college.

At this point, Biden and Democrats have to take what’s on the table and "live to fight another day,” Cobb-Hunter said.

In the meeting with Connor, the conversation turned to the topic of Afghanistan and the Taliban’s takeover of the mountainous nation. Biden made the call to take out U.S. troops from the country and it led to fallout.

“Biden mistakenly announced the withdrawal at the beginning of the fighting season in Afghanistan," Connor said. He abandoned a major U.S. base with runways that China can now use.

“Plans for getting people out of there were really, really poor. U.S. credibility has been damaged. Losing was a major hit, but when will someone pay for the mistake? Nobody has been held accountable for anything,” Connor said.

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