Virtual parties and more to come

May 01, 2020

COVID-19 has affected the world, but Claflin’s student activities director is determined not to let it stop student activities.

“Were trying to reach out and keep the students engaged virtually,” Konist Davis-Johnson said. “We want to let you all know that we still want to provide services for you even though everyone is quarantined.”

“I said let’s come up with an idea and DJ Rell is always there, so we said let’s do a virtual party,” she said.

Over 150 students participated, Johnson said. “I think they had a good time.

“The students were making comments as if they were there with DJ Rell,” Johnson said.

“We also had a fried chicken Wednesday meltdown to get the students involved,” she said. “We had bingo on Zoom. That was fun. The students participated and won prizes.”

Johnson said, “We’re still having Zumba four times a week. We do it on Zoom.”

Moving ahead, Johnson said there will be plans to keep students engaged whether they are on the campus or not.

“Maybe an alternative to having a concert for homecoming is to have one in the spring,” she said. “Things may be a lot better then.”

Johnson said they have new ideas and are looking forward to students bringing more to the table.

“As a part of student activities, I still want to keep you all engaged.”

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