What do you know about Orangeburg Massacre?

By: Mariah Reese
Mar 02, 2020


This sign is part of the Orangeburg Massacre memorial at S.C. State. (Special to The Panther) 

Four Claflin freshmen were interviewed about how much they know about the Orangeburg Massacre, the Feb. 8, 1968, incident in which three students were killed and 28 others were wounded when S.C. highway patrolmen opened fire on student protesters at S.C. State University. The protest centered around desegregation efforts at an Orangeburg bowling alley.

“An event that happened here in Orangeburg that basically kicked off because students went to a bowling alley” and “the white people were like, ‘Nah you can’t be here.’ … “It upsets me, but I feel as though that needed to happen in order for a bigger change. … We need to shed more light on the Orangeburg Massacre.” -- Claflin freshman Taylor Bowman

“I know the main things. It was a civil rights protest, three people died and 28 people were injured. ... I learned about the Orangeburg Massacre through school and my grandma. … It makes me feel thankful for the life that I have now. … It makes me feel sad. Times didn’t have to be like that.” -- Claflin freshman Brandace Grant

“One of the least recognized movements here in Orangeburg. We should know more about it.” – Claflin freshman Christopher Smith

“It was a tragic event that happened because black college students wanted equal rights. … I feel the person who owned the bowling alley needed to be handed some charges. .. The police officers didn’t need to use physical abuse considering it was teenagers fighting for what’s right.” -- Claflin freshman Aliesha Argrow




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