Claflin University Honors Employees, Longtime Service During Recognition and Rewards Luncheon

May 29, 2014
Tisdale Wtih Employee Given AwardJean Harper, an employee of Claflin for more than 50 years, was one of dozens of University employees honored for their years of service and annual accomplishments during Claflin’s 20th Recognition and Rewards Luncheon.

“It takes all of us to conduct the great service of this University,” President Dr. Henry N. Tisdale shared with the faculty and staff gathered at the luncheon on May 7 in the Jonas T. Kennedy Health and Physical Education Center. “We value you, Team Claflin. All of the things we have achieved have been because of your dedication and service.

“I deeply appreciate your commitment to this University. There is no greater purpose than the success of our students. Thank you for a job well done.”

In recognizing Harper for her half-century of service and her retirement at the end of June, Claflin Provost Dr. Karl Wright said she will be remembered at Claflin for her love for the thousands of students who have passed through the Academic Affairs office, her dedication to the University, her punctuality and her “cheerful, sunny personality.”

“Yes, I will also remember Mrs. Harper’s frankness,” he added, drawing laughter from the audience. “When we remember Mrs. Harper, we will say we knew someone who made Claflin University better. When she leaves, my office will not be the same. Claflin University will not be the same.”

Dr. Tisdale was also recognized for his 20 years as president of the institution.

“Dr. Tisdale has had such an impact on this community, this state and this nation,” Claflin Board of Trustees Chairman Paul Fant said. “I have seen his transformative leadership at this University. The impact he’s had is not only on the present – he has changed this campus forever. We are so proud to have him.”

Also honored for their years of service were:

  • Rev. Whittaker V. Middleton – 40 years
  • Mrs. Shirley Thomas – 30 years
  • Dr. Zia Hasan, Dr. Solomon Selvam and Mr. Stanley Wakefield – 25 years
  • Dr. Dennis Bormann, Dr. Bernadette Nwafor and Mrs. Alice Carson Tisdale – 20 years
  • Mrs. Florence Anoruo, Ms. Luvette Haigler and Dr. Laura Keith – 15 years
  • Dr. Randall Harris, Mrs. Twaina Harris, Ms. Margaret Hughes, Dr. Donald Pace, Mr. Sajid Saleem and Ms. Pamela Shuler – 10 years
  • Mr. Steven Biggs, Dr. Leon Chang Shik, Dr. Chin-Chieh Chiang, Dr. Haiyan Fan-Hagenstein, Dr. Jerome Fitch, Dr. Megan Fogle, Ms. Kim Gidron, Dr. Donna Gough, Mrs. Emmie Hall, Ms. Leandra Hayes, Dr. Lori Hicks, Mrs. Trina Jeter, Dr. Camelia Kantor, Mrs. Cynthia Kennerly, Dr. Kenneth Norton, Mrs. Tiffany Pickard, Ms. Janice Ray, Mr. Jelani Thomas, Mr. Stephon Void and Ms. Jeanetta Williams – 5 years

    Recognized and honored, as well, were employees of the University who have demonstrated extraordinary ability in their roles at Claflin. Among them were:

  • Administrative Employee of the Year: Ms. Leandra Hayes (also nominated for the award were Mrs. Bridget Dewees and Chief Steve Pearson)
  • Professional Employee of the Year: Mr. Antonio McFarland (also nominated for the award were Mr. Ameen Hall, Dr. Kumkum Singh and Ms. Brenda Thomas)
  • Administrative Support Employee of the Year: Ms. Carol Franklin (also nominated for the award was Mrs. Cynthia Kennedy)
  • Exemplary Customer Service: Ms. Charlene Slaughter (also nominated for the award were Mrs. Celestial Davis, Mrs. Bridget Dewees and Mrs. Yulonda Wilson)

Recognized for their excellent instruction in the classroom were Dr. Tara Saracina, this year’s recipient of the United Methodist Exemplary Teacher Award, and Dr. John Jasina, recipient of the South Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities Excellence in Teaching Award.

Also announced at the luncheon were the nominees for the James E. Hunter Award for Excellence in Teaching, Dr. Robert Vanderburg and Dr. Anisah Bagasra, and the Attorney William H. and Annette B. Johnson Endowed Faculty Award for Innovative Scientific Research, Dr. Ananda Mondal and Dr. Omar Bagasra. The award recipients, Dr. Robert Vanderburg and Dr. Omar Bagasra, were announced at this year’s Commencement Convocation on May 10.

University employees Mrs. Tabatha Livingston (undergraduate), Mr. Ameen Hall (graduate) and Mrs. Allison Sabb-Glenn (graduate) were recognized for earning degrees this year.

Dr. Tisdale said it is important to acknowledge the dedication and success of Claflin’s faculty and staff in a public forum.

“I encourage you to keep your passion for the success of Claflin University,” he said. “Let’s keep doing what we do, because the world needs visionaries.”

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