Leadership Giving Gifts Exceed $1.5 Million

Dec 02, 2014
Claflin President with Leadership Award RecipientClaflin celebrated dozens of individuals who have given above and beyond to the University during the 2014 Leadership Giving Luncheon on Friday, November 21, in Ministers’ Hall.

Honored at the luncheon were those individuals who have given $1,000 or more to the University during the period of October 16, 2013, to October 15, 2014.

Leandra Hayes, assistant vice president for Major and Planned Gifts, said more than $1.5 million was received in leadership gifts this year – a 52 percent increase over last year’s total.

“Once again, our alumni and friends have supported the University in stellar fashion,” she said. “All of you in this room have supported Claflin in an extraordinary way, by giving of your own personal fruits of your labor, and from your fruits, we harvest the seeds so that we can continue to bear fruit of access to a first-class higher education to undergird the success of our students.”

The Leadership Giving Luncheon is the University’s way of saying “thank you” to those who have made a phenomenal impact on the lives of Claflin students. It also gives donors an opportunity to fellowship with other individuals who share their enthusiasm and support for the institution’s ideals and principles.

This year’s Leadership Giving Special Honoree was Doris S. Bradley, ’64, whose contribution of more than $50,000 to the University this past year classifies her as a Kennedy Fellow.

Bradley said after her graduation from Claflin, she wasn’t able to return often. Career obligations and raising two children took precedence.

“When I came back to Claflin, I was really astounded by the work that Dr. Tisdale had done,” she said. “That was an inspiration to me to give back.”

At the time, she said, her annual contribution to Claflin was maybe $300. After talking with Institutional Advancement staff, Bradley said she took on the task of starting a scholarship and later signed a contract with the University to increase her giving to Claflin.

“I know the price of things, so I knew that ($300) was not really very much money,” she said. After she signed her pledge to the University, “I lived for that contract. And I’ll tell you, that was the easiest thing in the world to do. I think that I’ll do it again.”

Bradley thanked many individuals for her success in life as an educator. Among them was former Claflin University president Dr. H.V. Manning.

“I thank everybody, but I thank him with undeniable thanks,” she said. It was Manning who signed off on a scholarship so that she could attend Claflin so many years ago.

“I had nothing. … No running water, just nothing. So I needed that money,” she said. “And then, when I look at my kids and see that they are middle-class and doing fine and have got houses that I never even dreamed of having … that does something to me. So if I can move them to another level, then surely we can move other children – many children – out there.

“I appreciate those who have donated … and I want you to give more. Beat me to it!”

Emmanuel Pressley, a senior politics and justice studies major from Hemingway and Claflin’s first Truman Scholar, thanked those in attendance for their financial gifts to the University and asked that they continue to give to Claflin and its students.

“Thank you for your investment in Claflin University and your investment in students who attend Claflin. Your donation is making an enormous difference in whether a student will continue to matriculate or graduate,” he said. “We need your support, because Claflin University is doing an excellent job of preparing visionary leaders with global perspectives.”

Pressley said the students themselves have taken an active role in contributing monetarily to the University.

“In fact, the students at Claflin University have donated $160,000 toward Claflin’s Capital Campaign, far exceeding our $100,000 goal,” he said. “We understand that this is a family affair, and in that family, there are donors, people united together, working as a team for a shared vision. I encourage you to continue to give.

“I am looking forward to sitting in those very same seats as you as a proud graduate and a donor to our outstanding University.”

The 2014 Leadership Giving Honorees are:

Kennedy Fellows ($50,000.00 and above)

Doris S. Bradley, ’64

James E. Clyburn

Jonas T. Kennedy

Alvin A. McCall

Marion B. Wilson Family Trust

Middleton Fellows ($25,000.00-$49,999.99)

William H. and Annette B. Johnson, ’72

Manning Fellows ($10,000.00-$24,999.99)

Michael R. and Julie C. Brenan

Bessie H. Byrd

Claflin University International Alumni Association

Willie L. and Emma Harvin, ’75 and ’74

Carolyn Jones

Larry D. and Gloria S. McCutcheon, ’72

Georgette C. McKenzi, ’65

Henry N. and Alice Carson Tisdale, ’65

Leo F. and Rosa J. Twiggs, ’56

John and Gail Young, ’60

Walker Fellows ($5,000.00-$9,999.99)

Spencer R. and Minnie P. Anderson, ’99

Robert A. and Stephanie W. Bates

William Barnet

James A. and Cynthia M. Bennett

Clyde A. and Sherry Y. Bess, ’70 and ’71

Maudelle S. Bing

Rose M. Bland, ’70

William F. Blue, ’73

Leon and Deborah Bradley, ’74

Allen G. Britt, ’67

Edna L. Calhoun, ’53

Samuel B. and Alma Cooper, ’67 and ’67

Calvin H. and Mary Elam

Virginia M. Grose

James L. Hodges, ’67

Rodney and Tijuana Hudson

Donald D. and Sadie D. Jarvis, ’63

Wilhelmenia J. Jefferson, ’54

Whittaker V. and Lillie Middleton, ’73 and ’73

Walter H. and Laura S. Moore, ’66 and ’64

Charles H. Williams

Harry L. and Julia R. Wright, ’60and ’67

Karl S. and Marcia D. Wright

Members of the 1869 Society – those whose gifts were between $1869.00 and $4,999.99 – and Claflin Associates, whose gifts totaled $1,000.00 to $1868.99, were also honored at the luncheon.

Also honored were those who participated in this year’s Images of Success classroom visits. Alumni returning to the University to share insights with current students about their success  included Donna Akuamoah, ’08; LaShay Montgomery Austin, ’99; Pamela Antley-Daniels, ’03; Dr. Samantha J.F. DeLoache, ’03; Kiara Drummond, ’11; Angela Glover, ’95; Rysheeda Goosby, ’12; Maj. Tennille Jean-Paul, ’00; Attorney Harriett Huell Lampkin, ’05; Kassidy Lillard, ’05; Attorney Antoine Marshall, ’09; Chrishele Kingdom Marshall, ’09; Ryan McLeod, ’04; Johnnie Miller, ’04; Dorothya Nero, ’06; Amara Ransom, ’10; Dr. Lola Kelly Smalls, ’00; Octavia Smalls, ’00; Russell Stewart, ’08; Jeanine Lunsford Tyson, ’00; and Roberta White, ’99.

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