Claflin student working to get students involved in the community

Jul 20, 2016

Everyone can relate to the struggles of being a college freshman, especially when it comes to money.

KaShaira Givens is a junior at Claflin University in Orangeburg. She graduated from Colleton County High School in 2014. Givens created a scholarship to help this year’s graduating class.

She bought laundry baskets and filled them with essential items any freshman college student would need.

"I thought it would be best to help them out by giving them things that they'll need every day," Givens said.

Inside the basket, there’s a broom, mop, cups, bowls, headphones, tooth brushes, etc. Two rising college freshmen, a boy and a girl, will be awarded the baskets, but there are requirements.

"What I need them to do is write a one-page paper about what kind of program can they bring back to better our community," Givens said.

Givens says her mission is to get the community involved.

"It’s kind of opening to our community, okay. We have kids that's wanting to better themselves and wanting to bring things back to their community. So, if everybody could come together and help, I think our college rates in Colleton County will go up, if we promote and push our kids to better them," Givens said.

Each basket cost about 40 dollars. Givens said she saved up the money while working two jobs this summer.

"I feel like if you help others, that's how you get your blessings in return. So they'll be some people that are less fortunate than you are, but you know if you help them out that can make a big difference,” Givens said.

The papers are due on July 27th. Givens wants to take the paper with the best idea to city council and get help from city officials to make the idea a reality.

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